Chapter 2 - A Mission / by Bob Jamison

“I want him dead.”

“I want him and his fucking piss-ant crew under the dirt today.  I own the Points and every dope dealer on every corner inside of it.”, barked Santo, his eyes drilling into Donny across the table.

Donny’s chair creaked awkwardly.

Donny started, “But…”

“Don’t you fucking but me.”  Santo’s fist banged the table.  “Get your fucking crew together.”

Donny stood up slowly.  Eyes downcast.  Sweat starting to bead on the brow of his receding hairline.

Santo stared at him, eyes pinched and jaw muscles clenching his mouth into a malicious arch.

Donny blew out his breath and stepped towards the door.

“Tonight”, Santo growled at Donny’s back in the doorway.

Donny hesitated, wrinkling his turned-away face in disgust.  “Yes. Sir.”

Donny Fitz

Donny Fitz

A careful moment after the door shut, Donny let out his breath, “Fuuuuuuuck me…”

The two other men in the room glanced up at him.  One sprawled on the couch with a smirk and cocked eyebrow.  The other sitting at the desk cleaning a rifle stared expressionless.

“Come on.  We got a job.  You hear?”

Kirkland called from the couch, “Yeah, we heard.”  He sniffed.  “Santo wants to kick Ray-Ray out of the Points.”

Donny twitched, “Not just kicked out...kicked into a grave.  Come on, both of you, we’ve got to figure out how to find that sneaky son of a bitch.”  He swept out of the room, still twitching nervously.  Shouting from the hall, “I’ll bring the Lincoln around.”

Kirkland groaned as he stood up, arching his back and rolling his head around on his neck.  "Come on Stalin, let's get a move on."

The other older man wearing a neatly tailored but slightly out of date suit deftly re-assembled the carefully organized AK-47 parts in front of him. "Da."

The trio piled into the dirty-underwear beige Lincoln and Donny slammed the driver door.

“Fuuuuuuuck me…”

He patted his jacket, feeling for his piece and sliding it out of his shoulder holster to check the clip.  He said, “Okay, first thing, we got to find that piece of shit Ray-Ray.  You know he’s going to be at some fucking club with a bunch of bangers.”

Kirkland sat in the front seat, his small frame swallowed up by the bench leather seat.  He pulled out his 9-mill, sliding out the clip.  “I bet he’ll be at his girl’s.  Up in Hollywood.”

The Russian sat in the back seat, an AK-47 across his lap, eyes closed.  Donny glanced back at him and did a double take.  “Goddamit, do you have to bring that fucking commie canon?  What if a fucking cop walks by?”

Donny's glare did nothing to penetrate the other man, who sat silently, not opening his eyes. 

After a long silence, “Fuuuuuuck me…Okay, your ass if we get pinched.”

Kirkland chuckled, “I don't think he speaks English.”

“Fuck you Kirkland.”

Donny pulled the Lincoln into traffic and they drove slowly through the neighborhood.  Donny drummed his fingers on the wheel as he drove, twitchily glancing at the faces in the passing cars.

They pulled up to the curb next to three women smoking cigarettes.  One, dressed like a teenager but aged somewhere north of 40, slinked over to the window.  "Whatcha doing Donny?"

"Hey Toni.  You seen Ray-Ray or his girl around?"

"I've seen his crew.  They're all over The Points."  Toni took a big drag of her cigarette and blew it out.  "I won't go anywhere near there, they beat up Star last week, and heard they robbed your boss."

"Yeah, we know it.  Where's his crew?"

"Just around.  I think they like to hang at Wonderland."

"Thanks Toni."  Donny nudged Kirkland, who looked back accusingly.  "Kirkland, give her something."

Kirkland gave him a disgusted look and pulled a messy wad of bills out of pocket.  Peeling a $20 off, he dangled it out the window at Toni, snatching it back when Toni's hand reached out.  "How about you and me go for a date later?"

Toni grabbed the bill out of his hand.  "Fuck off you little degenerate.  Why don't you go find another leprechaun to paw at?"

Kirkland's eyes flashed, his face contorting.  "Shut your fucking mouth you..."

Donny interjected loudly, "Cut it.  We're going."

He didn't look at the red-faced Kirkland while they drove away.

"Fuuuuuuck me", Donny thought as they drove toward the Wonderland club in The Points.